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About us

We have been in the business of producing signs and graphics for over thirty-five years. Starting off in the 'traditional' sense, (ie: hand signwriting using paints and inks etc.), we then 'moved with the times' about twenty-five years ago into the computer-aided sign market, due to the fact that it was (and still is) the most cost-effective (for both manufacturer and customer), and produces consistent professional results, with long-term durability.


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As well as running our DIY/mail order business on a national (and international) scale, we also work on a more 'localized' basis, coving North-East England and South-West Scotland.


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All our estimates are totally free, and you are under no obligation to actually place an order. (No sales people will call.) Quotes can be made by either e-mail, phone or by post if required. Personal visits to you can also be arranged, if required, depending on location etc.


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All personal/business details given to us will be kept strictly private and confidential. We NEVER pass details on to third parties.

We endeavour to maintain a friendly, fast and efficient service, (including 'after-sales service'.) Most work is usually completed and dispatched well within fourteen days from receipt of order, (in fact quite often within 4 to 5 working days!)


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Why pay "Inner City" prices.... We are a well-established, family-run company and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and competitive prices. Using only top-quality materials, we manufacture any order to the highest of standards, and yet are still able to keep our prices as low as possible.



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Please contact us with your enquiry for a free no obligation quotation.








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